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Themed kid birthday gift basket, party

So, your child is celebrating another year. If you plan to mark the occasion with a party, a kid birthday gift basket from puddin' n' pie can set the tone with a built-in theme.

For instance, our "Tea Time with Classic Raggedy Ann" gift baskets for children age 3 and up provide the perfect backdrop for a genuine girl's tea party. These charming children gift baskets include the Raggedy Ann doll beloved by generations of girls, a service for four tea set for the guest of honor and her friends, and an "I'm a Little Teapot" book, all in a darling picnic box.

Have your child's guests dress up in nice clothes they wouldn't normally wear for playtime. Your daughter can greet her friends with candy necklaces as gifts. Dress the table with an old curtain or several yards of inexpensive tulle that it's OK for kids to spill on. Instead of hot tea, serve cold tea, grape drink or apple juice and give the kids fun, colored cake decorating sugar to put in their "tea."

Use this gentile party as a venue for teaching manners and table etiquette. Kids will have a great time pushing in each others' chairs, holding their pinkies up when they sip and absorbing subtle lessons about politeness.

When the tea portion of the party is over, adults can read to the guests from the book included in the "Tea Time" kid birthday gift basket.

Other themed gift baskets for children

Other puddin' n' pie themed children gift baskets include "Farmer Ted's Wheelbarrow," "Le Artiste" set, "Hard Hat Ted's" dump truck and our best-selling "Little Red Wagon." Each could easily serve as inspiration for a child's party that all the kids will be chattering about for weeks to come.

Children gift baskets for educational play

Gift baskets for children are a terrific way to slip in a bit of education when they least suspect. Puddin' n' pie's selection of gifts includes toys that let youngsters mimic adult behavior, while allowing them to remain kids.

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