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Children get well gift basket

Children Get Well Gift BasketA child's illness can be an extremely stressful time for the entire family. But, unlike their parents, youngsters have not yet learned the skills they need to cope with the strain of being sick. That's why parents need an unobtrusive means of letting a child entertain and express himself or herself while on the mend.

"Dr. Ted's Doctor Kit" from Puddin' n' pie is a gentle way to nurture a young one's creativity, while away the time in a restful way and provide a constructive way of dealing with illness for children. Get well gift basket items included in our Dr. Ted's set are: a handsome, plush Dr. Teddy stuffed toy, complete with a physician's smock; "doctor's" medical kit with toy stethoscope, reflex hammer, syringe and ear scope, all with a handy medical bag to carry it in; and "Buzzy's Boo-Boo" book with a comforting story for your sick kid.

Gift basket sets also include everyday themes and character themes not associated with illness, for when your child is healthy again.

Kid gift basket sets for siblings

Specialty Baby Gift BasketsIn addition to themed sets to help you children get well, gift basket options run the gamut from girls' tea time sets for the gentile lady ("Tea time with Classic Raggedy Ann") to boys' tool boxes for "constructive" play ("Hard Hat Ted's Ultimate Tonka Dump Truck").

Other gender-neutral kid gift basket choices include assortments for the inspired artist ("Le Artiste") or the aspiring farmer ("Farmer Ted's Wheelbarrow").

Remember to check back frequently with Puddin' n' pie; we are constantly offering exciting new arrangements for babies and their siblings.

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