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Fun, educational baskets for children

Baskets For Children

Puddin' n' pie toy baskets for children are a terrific diversion for the little boy or girl eagerly awaiting the arrival of a brand new brother or sister. Among our creative, hand-crafted, themed childrens gift baskets are:

  • Little Red Wagon
  • Tea Time with Classic Raggedy Ann
  • Le Artiste
  • Hard Hat Ted's Ultimate Tonka Dump Truck
  • Farmer Ted's Wheelbarrow
Your child will get lost in a world of their own: sitting down to afternoon tea and crumpets with Ann; creating fine works of art; building an imaginary tree house; learning the alphabet; or sowing the fields with Farmer Ted.

With play-tools of this caliber at his or her disposal, your child will have a great time learning valuable skills. And, you will have shown your first "baby" that even after the new baby comes, he or she is very much a loved and appreciated member of the family.

Childrens gift baskets for older siblings

Let an older sibling feel more engaged and invested in the birth of the new baby by including him or her in the gifting process. Get big brother's or sister's input on a package the family plans to buy for the new baby. Then, shower your older child with an assortment of little gifts he or she can use.

Puddin' n' pie's childrens gift baskets are a great way to help kids stay occupied while the new arrival gets so much of Mom and Dad's attention. Our baskets for children are generally appropriate for ages 2 and up, and can be delivered to your door right alongside of the package(s) for the new baby.

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Baby gift baskets with essentials for the newborn. Classic baby clothing and newborn outfits.

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