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Group baby shower gift basket tips

Baby Shower Gift BasketsRemember, there truly is strength in numbers.

When selecting a baby shower gift basket, consider pooling funds among several friends to get more bang for the buck and cover more territory in your gifting.

First, narrow down your focus to one theme or a specific class of items for your gift, such as meal-centered packages or bathing related goods. Elect a responsible individual to be in charge of collecting and dispersing the funds for a baby shower gift basket from the group. Once you have worked out a budget for your present, the fun part - picking out the present - can commence.

Because there is more buying power with a group purchase, you may find you can afford to splurge on more luxurious gifts than what any one person in the group could have managed. If there is money left over, dress up the event even more with puddin' n' pie baby shower diaper cakes as centerpieces for every table.

Finally, be sure at least one of the guests is ready with a camera so you can capture the look on the mom-to-be's face when she sees the lengths you went to to make her day memorable.

Baby shower diaper cakes

Baby Shower Diaper CakesThey may not be edible, but everyone will just eat them up - they're the three-tiered baby shower diaper cakes from puddin' n' pie.

These towering, classic centerpieces make a splendid presentation at the party. But, unlike balloons or crepe decorations, they are a valuable commodity for Mom to take home for future use.

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