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Beyond tradition, baby shower diaper cake

Baby Shower Diaper CakeIn the past, etiquette has long dictated that showers thrown in honor of an expectant mother should be hosted by good friends or co-workers - someone other than siblings and parents or other members of her immediate family. The theory behind this particular rule of manners was to prevent giving the impression that the family was seeking gifts.

These days, those unspoken constraints are no longer so strictly adhered to, and friends, family and co-workers are all free to host an event. A new mom could get one to several opportunities to receive gifts for her new arrival.

If this happy event is on your own social calendar, we at Puddin' n' Pie have many creative ways to help you hold the most memorable baby shower. Diaper cake gifts are a fantastic way to hearken back to the charms of the tradition of years ago in a thoughtful, functional way. Our diaper cakes for baby will show everyone how well you planned and how much thought you put into your event in honor of the expectant new mother.

Classic diaper cakes for baby

A baby shower diaper cake is a creative way to present a new mother with lots of the basic necessities she will need for her bundle of joy's first weeks and months. Your special guest will be delighted and touched to arrive at this event and be greeted with one of our beautifully arranged diaper cakes. For baby, this gift means warmth and comfort in more ways than one.

View our "cake" arrangements and other gift baskets to gather ideas to go with this party must-have.

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